My love

-Imagine the woods without a tree
-Imagine the rivers without a sea
-Imagine yourself without me
-Imagine how lost and useless I would be
-Every step I take, every word I say, every breathe I take, it is only to make you smile
-Anytime I think of your smile and imagine it in my head, my heart beats a billion times     faster, butterflies fill my tummy and the heavens sing joy and happiness to my soul
-My purpose on this earth is just to see you smile and if I fail, I hope you forgive me my dear love
-All the times you say lol, lmao or haha or just laugh I feel that I can break any wall and kill anyone that makes you sad or makes you unhappy
-If I could have all the time in the world, I would choose to spend every second with you for you are the reason for why I am who I am my love
-You are my peace in the midst of war
-You are my light in the darkness
-You are my guide in the midst of my uncertainty
-You are the shoulder I lean on when I cry
-You are my rope that pulls me when I start to fall
-You are my love and best friend just as I am your love
-You are there gift of my life and I thank God everyday for you been here with me
-I love you so much that it hurts that I do not see you but just your simile comforts me
-Your face is as bright as the rising sun, as calm as dawn and as beautiful as a diamond
-Your lips so cute and tender that I long for the day I kiss and caress them
-Your smile and your beauty makes me want to shout and show you to the world that I am the luckiest man to have you as a friend bestie and as my love
-I rather see myself been eaten by a billion tiny ants than to see you my love sad or angry at me
-For this love I have for u is so great and mighty that I can overcome all obstacles set upon the route and journey of my life because of you and you alone love, my tTurtle dove, my Angel sent from the heavens, my Queen and my Empress, my Love and my Happiness and Joy, my Ray of Sunlight that cures my eye and the only Pawpaw on my Mango tree. I love you so much and will wait for a million years just to wait and see you say those three words to me I don't care if I have to fight and kill all of the beasts of hell just to hear you tell me you love me I will do whatever you wish my turtle love for your love is the only greatest treasure any man can ever have and it is beyond compare and measure.

Hello all this is my first time writing something like this and I really hope it is on point please do share and comment I will post every two days guys. Thank you all.


                       Hi everyone Good day to you all and a very happy new year to you all. Wow!finally we are once again in a new year full of hopes and aspirations and goals that we want to achieve for this year. We have all made resolutions that we also want to attain. We should keep in mind that if even we do not fulfill our resolutions we should never stop dreaming. We must always dream of hopes, goals and of things we want to accomplish and as I said last time, we should take advantage of this new year and make sure we do all we want to do. We should also keep in mind that although we are in a new year that doesn't mean you will have a new life automatically. There only way that will be possible is for to put dedication and hard work into it. Well today I want to talk on why we should always think positive of ourselves and never give any space to thoughts or issues that will weigh us down and will make us stressed out.
                         We have come across a lot of people in our lives who have told us that hey you can't do this, you can't do that, that hey you don't know what's right for you, hey you are not smart enough, hey you cannot accomplish that because you are weak. For some of us, it has become part of our daily lives because everyday if you say to people that I want to be a doctor I wanna be a nurse I wanna be a lawyer, they will tell you that no you cannot do that because they think they know you so well so they can make such decisions and choices for you. Studies have shown that people whose parents or someone else makes choices for you, you grow up to be a sad grumpy and an unhappy person. All that could have been avoided if you didn't listen to them and did what your heart told you to do and what you were so passionate about. We are surrounded by so much negative energy and we grow up around it that it gets to a point in time that for us to make our own choices and decisions and at the end of the day someone who thinks they know what is best for us makes those wrong choices for us and it ends up ruining our future plans and making us so sad also. In the long run it can cause more worse problems for us ranging from stress to heart issues and in severe cases death.
                              As a result, it is of utmost importance that we start to think positively act positivity and be positive in all things we do. We should be at peace with ourselves. We shouldn't give room to negative comments and negative opinions from people. We should always learn to smile learn to love each other and be very joyful for the things we have and always thank God for everything He has given us and most importantly thank Him for He allowing us to live on this planet. We have to start replacing all of our negatives thoughts with positive ones. If we do this we will start having positive results in our life's. We need to always smile because if we do the people around us will start to feel positive and happy also. Been happy is so contagious that people around you who are unhappy will start to be happy. We should find inspiration from things that will make us happy and always feel positive. I get my inspiration from nature. why? Because nature doesn't hate anyone nature is beautiful and so unique and free. Been happy all the time makes you so welcoming to everyone. People who do not even know will like to get to know you and will want to share their problems with you. Been happy doesn't just alone keep you at peace but also gives you a much healthier life span and good life also.
                            A wise man once said live life the fullest and focus on the positive. We don't have all the time in the world to keep negative thoughts. So as such we have to always be positive and have a positive mindset at all time for our own benefit. We have to find a place inside where's the joy and the joy will burn out the pain. We must not set our life on autopilot but rather be very happy positive and open minded and be ready to change for the better. For whatever we do we should let love lead and so as truth joy and peace also. Thank you for reading and much love....


                   Well well folks I am back again although I must confess it has been a while since I posted and I do apologize for that been dealing with my exams and the Christmas celebrations but now I am back and ready to continue writing the little piece I know with the hope that someone out there will be inspired and will share to others. Well today been the final day of the year😊😊 I am sure everyone has plans for how they will like to spend the last day of the year. Some might spend it with their family at home or some place else, others might just sleep others might pray to God thank in him for his mercies and blessings he had brought their way this year and will be hopefully that he does more and more for them in the coming years. Well how we will like to spend the last day of the year depends on us and us alone.
                        The most thing we should do on this last day is to reflect on how 2016 was. How did life go on for us? What did we do that we wish we hadn't? What did we do that made us a better person this year or made as a less better person? How did we utilize our time and did we use it profitably or we wasted it? Look we should take this seriously and why I say his is because we don't have unlimited time or we are not sure whether we will see tomorrow or not and as such we should be very thankful to God and grateful to him for giving us that privilege that some of our brothers and sisters didn't get. As such we should look back at how we behaved during the year and the stuff we did that we have regretted terribly and wish that we didn't do. Did we want to invest in something bad unfortunately you couldn't? Did you want to ask the girl you admire from afar out on a date? Did you want to finally learn a new language or skill? Or did you want to do something else that you wished you could have done but you couldn't do? Well it isn't too late to accomplish what you couldn't do. It isn't.
                          We should be aware that in less than 24 hours this entire year we know as it is will never come back again and the only things we will have off it is only memories of what we did in the year but we won't be able to re-live or summon back this year again. No it is impossible. So as such we shouldn't give up hope or "enter" 2017 with grumpy faces or with the mindset that; hmm after all last year I couldn't accomplish any of the goals I had in mind to do no we should think like that but rather we should enter 2017 with a new sense of joy happiness and hope that we will not waste it at all and all the good things that will come your way you will make sure to enjoy and use it properly. We should all tackle 2017 by the horns and we shouldn't allow it to pierce us but rather we break it and shape it the way we please. We should set goals for ourselves that although we didn't succeed in 2016 or we couldn't accomplish some set goals we had for ourselves, we should learn from the mistakes from it and from it we will rise to be a much more better people filled with hope and joy.
                          After all we are not assured or guaranteed of tomorrow so we need to make sure we enjoy every minute of today of the time we have left and be very hopefully of tomorrow. Remember we only have one life so live it well.😇😊👌
Thank you for taking your time to read the little I have got to share. I have been real busy and I know the might be little errors but do promise to correct them ASAP. Thank you very much and may the blessings of God shower upon us all and may he continue to bless us in all we do an usher us safely into 2017 with joy hope love and good tidings. Thanks to all those who have send me messages encouraging me it really means a lot to me and to all my 2k readers thanks a lot you really mean a lot to me and I promise to post frequently granted if God gives me the privilege to see tomorrow. Good day enjoy your day and stay blessed❤️❤️😇. Peace....

Friend or Foe🤔🤔🤔

                       The level of socialization between people and even within the opposite sex has increased tremendously over the span of time. There is nothing more so fun cool and satisfying than to have friends around you who are there for you all the time and especially when you need them the most. That feeling of love, of happiness, of assurance and hope and also the feeling that you have "backs" that you can rely upon is so unique and golden that everyone wants to have someone that He/She can call friend. It is by nature that we want to always socialize with people and also always want to seek and have companionship with people that we love and that we can care for just as they will do the same for us. But the question is who is a friend?
                           By my own definition, I define a friend as someone who will always be with you in times of happiness and in times of sorrow. As a person who will love me for who I am and no matter what anyone says he will stick with me at all times. As a person that whenever I feel down or sad or need some company and advice, he or she will be more than ever ready to give me a boost up and to make me feel revitalized again and no matter the time place or situation I will call upon him or her, she should be ever ready to lend me her ears and to listen to me and to guide and console me when needed. To add it all I define a friend also to be someone who will at all times crack jokes be friendly and polite to people caring and humble and must also at all times know that the little things in this life really really counts and matters to me a lot and has my back 100% of the time. Well kinda of a long definition for a friend but what have I got to say? I always want to make sure that I do have a friend that I can trust totally and at all time.
                             You have a friend. She has a friend. He has a friend. They have a friend, but do I have a friend? How many of us ask ourselves that the people who we have given them the title friend are really our friends? Are they friends who are willingly and ready to ever help you when you call upon them or when the need arises? Are they the type of friends that are not around for you when you need them the most and they come at a latter hour with excuses and apologies all the time. Are they the type of friends that when the whole world turns its back on you, they will not do the same but rather shield you and protect you from danger? We need to always ask ourselves questions all the time. We all want people to walk with or talk with or do whatever sort of thing with. We don't want to be lonely or feel sad and miserable because we hate been on our own we want to do all the things that we do on our own with a friend because it is very nice and comforting to always know that no matter how many times you might screw up or misbehave, your friend has your back. We all know that since the creation of time friendships and relationships have existed from the beginning of time and even in animals and even in trees, they all want companionship and friendship because they themselves even know that if they are alone they won't have a much better chance of survival like if they were together or if they had friends. So yes we do know that none of us like to be alone or lonely at all because of how it will make us feel and how it might affect our choices also.
                           There are some people out there in this world who have decided and have made their minds that for them, they won't make friends with people or that they hate people so as a result they want to do everything on their own and as such they won't need friends. I am no expert in Psychology to understand why their mindset is in that way no I am not but what I can say to them is that, they should atleast give it a try.  We by nature are born to be together we are born to socialize and interact with people and make friends. That is a part of us and as we grow up we get to see it more and more in our daily lives. They think they can do all of it on their own but I am sorry to tell you that in some point in time, you will need a friend to help you in this life to help you do things together watch movies play games go for walks and a whole lot. We shouldn't forget that as we age, our strength diminishes also and our timer decreases we need to cherish every minute every moment and second of the time we have got left on this earth for as I always say what are we going to meet when die who knows so try and make as many happy memories here as you can make. Some people get so lonely and sad that they commit sucide out off it.  They can't just live anymore because of how lonely they are. This is not good at all we should try and make friends if not anything at all atleast one friend who understands us for who we are and knows you and will always have your back no matter what.
                             We should all picture ourselves that in about ten twenty thirty years to come when
we all grey and old, we will be sitting beside the fire laughing with our friends and family about the good old days. Reminiscing about the things we used to do and how we behaved and how funny we used to look and behave. We should all respect each other and show love compassion and honesty with each other. For this life is so short that we do not know we will end up in some years to come or even we don't even know where we will go when we die as such, we need to make as many happy memories with each other. We need to cherish every minute that we spend with our friends and family so that in the course of time thoughts like committing sucide just because of loneliness will never ever find a portion in our heads or heart. Thank you🤗🤗.

 Thank you very much for taking time off to read the little I have got to share with you all I really appreciate the number of people who are taking time off everyday to read the little I have got to share. Thank you very much and please don't forget to share and comment also. Thank you and much love will post on Tuesday till then take care you all and much love from me to you all😊🤗🤗😊.                      

Conscience 😔😔😏😏🤗🤗

     Hi everyone how do you all do? Well must say that you are all okay because did learn something in class today that spoke of we thinking positively all the time for that also adds a touch of self confidence if you do think positively about yourself all the time. Have positive thoughts always. So well today I decided to write the little I know on conscience. Hope it is educative and nice. Thanks for reading.
                 First off, what is conscience? How many of us have bothered ourselves to ask what is conscience? None of us do ask that question. Why? Because we see it as irrelevant or we see it to be that it is something we all have up in our heads and we all basically know that it is the voice high up in our heads that tells us not to do something or we should do it, whether the action we are about to do is good or bad or before we do anything that voice rings way up in our heads.
                  Well, conscience exceeds from that it is not just a voice in our heads that tries to influence our tries to stop us from doing certain actions or carrying certain tasks whether good or bad. Conscience in fact is not just a voice that is in our head but it is also a lifelong attachment to our actions and to whatever wrong or bad decision we might take and will keep on to hunt us until we have right that wrong. Conscience is a like a form of a guide to us all. It is to manage us all and control the level and ways we take certain decisions. The thing is, we have engulfed ourselves in so much wrong doings to the so extent that we have no conscience of whatever wrong thing we do. We don't feel that what we have done in time will hurt a lot of people. We just don't care. Why? Because as we grow up to become whoever we are destined to be, our level of thinking changes our behaviours our self conscience all changes with respect to time and also to the choices we take. As such, we start to ignore the voice that tells us that what we are doing is wrong, that what we are doing will hurt someone or do something worse. We get attached to the wrong side of our actions with just a very thin grip or a times with no attachment or grip to our conscience at all. This has led to so many people been in prison why I say this is because, if their conscience was very strong and before they did anything they thought about it and saw what their actions will led to, will they try at all to do such a thing? No they won't. We should all know that yes it is true that to "err is human" but we should also be aware of our conscience. Whatever we do, whatever we think of, we should always sit down and think about the outcome of it. If it is a positive outcome then it is good. If it is the other way round, well as I always say to my friends "safety first".
                   Something that I have come to realized about people who didn't have any conscience is that, after they have seen the damage of what their actions have caused and have spent some "good time" in prison as a result of that action and come out as reformed people, they tend to regret deeply and start to lament on their wrong actions and wished that they had known what it will have led to what it will have caused they will never have done that but it already too late for them because what has been done has already been done. Their conscience starts to grow strongly and starts to influence their decisions the right way. Some people actually try to end their lives because they cannot live with the choices they had made. They can't live with what it has caused, the harm it has done to other people they can't just bear it and as such they end up trying to commit their lives or they go for therapy sessions to help them try to go through all of that trauma they are facing just because their conscience was off just because they didn't listen to their inner voice when it was telling them that what they were doing was wrong that they should stop. They just didn't listen. We shouldn't be myopic in all our decisions and judgements we carry out. We should always never forget that " Had I Known is always at last" but by then it is too late. We should all ensure that we listen to our inner voices all the time no matter the decision we might take no matter the action we might take we should always think about the bigger picture as to how will it affect us in time to come. Will it be a positive change or will it be a negative change in our lives? As my dad always says, "you need to always ask yourself questions all day and everyday before you do anything ask yourself questions and always always try to find the answers if you don't want to hear it still hear it. Who knows? Maybe that answer you might get from asking yourself a question can help you take a step forward or a step backwards".                              
                 At the very least if your conscience is not strong or if you fear that you are still not sure about what decision you are about take, do not feel shy or arrogant to ask for help. Ask for help it is Sunnah. The is nothing wrong in asking for help. No the isn't at all. Consult someone who you know is older and way more experienced than you and tell him your problems and listen to his advice for as they say, "A problem shared is a problem is solved". No matter the gravity of the thought or problem in your head do ask for help and nothing more than that. Do be patient and respectful and humble when listening to whatever advice they give to you and do follow it by the letter. Thank you.

Well, I have shared what I have in my mind about conscience and writing this was a little personal for me because I do believe we all have our share of conscience issues. Thank you for taking your time off and reading this post. Thank you please do not forget to share and comment. See you all on Friday. Much love❤️❤️🤗🤗❤️❤️

Time ooh time pt.2

                         Hello everyone. I am back again to talk about the topic I spoke of the last time which was about time. Well I did say I will post yesterday but unfortunately time wasn't on my side lol. Well I am here now and ready to talk about time. The other time, I spoke about how we should respect time and value it and treasure because no one is immortal or can live forever. No one can although scientists try everyday to find ways to extend our life span, they come with drugs and ways to try and help prolong human life but no matter how hard they try, death shall surely be victorious in the end. In our different views of faith or religion, be it one be a Muslim or Christian or Jew or Buddhist or any other religion, we all are taught to respect time and we are shown the value of it and how we are to treasure it. We live in a world that everything is controlled by time. It is time that tells you to wake, it is time that tells you when to clean yourself up brush your teeth, it is time that tells you when to take your breakfast, lunch and supper and it is time that tells you when to go to work when to close and when to be at home.
                      Time is the master planner of us all. Even in animals, time is very very important to them and to me, I do believe that animals and plants respect time more than we humans. Birds migration, flowers blossoming, crops been ready to be harvested, animals when ready to mate, the list is endless. They all use time. They all know the time that they have to do specific things. They will not let the time pass them or beat them. No they won't because they know how important how beneficial and how great time is. Time is a dictator ruling earth for millions if not billions of years. Time is undefeated ruler champion of all worlds of all planets and all rulers. Time ooh time is the one dictator whose power affects everyone and everything. Even when you buy a toy there shall be a time when it will spoil or get broken. Time is so just a ruler that he doesn't cheat us when giving everyone their fair share and lives the rest of us in our hands to do whatever we want to do with it whether we want to use it the right way or use "improperly". Time is not merciful nor is he wicked but rather a very patient ruler for he knows that surely no matter what or how no one can cheat him no one can deceive him no matter how hard we try, he will eventually catch up with us. Time tells us to use him properly because none of us know when our time will be up none of us do know that and no machine no matter how advanced can tell you can tell us when our time will be up. It is only time that has that advantage over us.
                         My friends, we should all make peace with everyone with people we have wronged with people we might have cheated or lied to with people we might have done something bad to. We shouldn't keep a grudge with each other. We shouldn't be angry with each other or think ill of one another for because if that person ought to die tomorrow and you didn't make peace with that person, you will forever carry that burden on you that regret on you that you weren't able to apologise or make peace with that person. We should make peace more especially with our loved ones. If your father, mother or anyone in your family might have done something wrong to you and they are requesting for your forgiveness please and please give it to them please accept it because if they die today you will have a very heavy heart upon yourself in time you will regret that you didn't accept their apology and you are gonna live with that forever till your time catches up with you. How long at all do we have on this earth just a couple of fifth or sixty years or at most 70.  Is that something long or even good for you to keep a grudge or something evil against your fellow human no it is not. "Let love lead the way". Let love prevail show mercy with everyone and mercy shall show you peace. Thank you for listening to a piece  of my thought. Thank you and much love.

Hi guys thanks for reading if the was something I left out or if e is something you will like to add please don't hesitate to comment and also please do share to friends and family. Really will appreciate it. Thank you and see you all on Tuesday. Much love❤️❤️❤️

Time ooh Time

                            Tick - Tock Tick- Tock Tick- Tock the hands of a clock spin and click and spin and click again and again in a never ending circle. Each click each tick reminding us constantly that our time here on earth is just temporary that our timer is going down by the second minute hour day. It tells us that hey there a second of your time has gone that your timer which have been set for you on the very day you started to develop and become flesh and blood in your mum's womb is going down not up but down. It asks us whether we are using the time properly and efficiently or whether we are wasting the time. As soon as a man and a woman whether they make an intention to get a baby or it happens just by chance or "by a mistake", and you are released into the womb of your mother and be successful, your timer which has already been pre-set for you will not start from 00:00:00 no it won't but instead it will start from what share, what percentage of time has been allocated to you. Your time right from the womb of your mother starts to reduce reduce reduce and reduce. The big question is that, how what why when do we use our time efficiently. "Time is a commodity so precious so unique and so limitless but yet so limited in supply". We, the human race no matter our colour, tribe, religious affiliation are all in a quest for more time. We want more time to live to enjoy life to explore the limitless opportunities out there or do whatever we want to do with it. Scientists by the day time hour work round the clock finding ways and means to prolong our lifespan. I say, no matter what, no matter how, no matter where, our time shall catch up with us. It is just like buying a brand new car. You will try to service it as many times as you can but in time, the car will one day have its last and final spark. It's human nature to try and prevent the inevitable. We all want to live but no one wants to die. In truth, we all uncertain we are all afraid why? Because we do not know where all dead people go to. Who knows what condition they are in now? Some will say well they are at peace, others will say they are torment for atonement of their sins and others will say they have reincarnated into a new life to continue their temporary stay here on earth. But in all we should know that time is so unique and precious that we should always value our time and always respect it.  
hello will post again on saturday to talk at length on this issue been really busy of late but will surely get the final piece done and post it also. I really do appreciate all those who have taken a part of their time to read my first post. Thanks a lot. It really does mean a lot to me truly it does. Thank you once again. I will post the second part tomorrow which will talk about time more extensively and the bigger picture in play that we all seem to miss. Thanks once again and please do not forget to share and comment.