My love

-Imagine the woods without a tree
-Imagine the rivers without a sea
-Imagine yourself without me
-Imagine how lost and useless I would be
-Every step I take, every word I say, every breathe I take, it is only to make you smile
-Anytime I think of your smile and imagine it in my head, my heart beats a billion times     faster, butterflies fill my tummy and the heavens sing joy and happiness to my soul
-My purpose on this earth is just to see you smile and if I fail, I hope you forgive me my dear love
-All the times you say lol, lmao or haha or just laugh I feel that I can break any wall and kill anyone that makes you sad or makes you unhappy
-If I could have all the time in the world, I would choose to spend every second with you for you are the reason for why I am who I am my love
-You are my peace in the midst of war
-You are my light in the darkness
-You are my guide in the midst of my uncertainty
-You are the shoulder I lean on when I cry
-You are my rope that pulls me when I start…


Hi everyone Good day to you all and a very happy new year to you all. Wow!finally we are once again in a new year full of hopes and aspirations and goals that we want to achieve for this year. We have all made resolutions that we also want to attain. We should keep in mind that if even we do not fulfill our resolutions we should never stop dreaming. We must always dream of hopes, goals and of things we want to accomplish and as I said last time, we should take advantage of this new year and make sure we do all we want to do. We should also keep in mind that although we are in a new year that doesn't mean you will have a new life automatically. There only way that will be possible is for to put dedication and hard work into it. Well today I want to talk on why we should always think positive of ourselves and never give any space to thoughts or issues that will weigh us down and will make us stressed out.
                         We have come across a lot of p…


Well well folks I am back again although I must confess it has been a while since I posted and I do apologize for that been dealing with my exams and the Christmas celebrations but now I am back and ready to continue writing the little piece I know with the hope that someone out there will be inspired and will share to others. Well today been the final day of the year😊😊 I am sure everyone has plans for how they will like to spend the last day of the year. Some might spend it with their family at home or some place else, others might just sleep others might pray to God thank in him for his mercies and blessings he had brought their way this year and will be hopefully that he does more and more for them in the coming years. Well how we will like to spend the last day of the year depends on us and us alone.
                        The most thing we should do on this last day is to reflect on how 2016 was. How did life go on for us? What did we do that we wish we hadn…

Friend or FoeπŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”

The level of socialization between people and even within the opposite sex has increased tremendously over the span of time. There is nothing more so fun cool and satisfying than to have friends around you who are there for you all the time and especially when you need them the most. That feeling of love, of happiness, of assurance and hope and also the feeling that you have "backs" that you can rely upon is so unique and golden that everyone wants to have someone that He/She can call friend. It is by nature that we want to always socialize with people and also always want to seek and have companionship with people that we love and that we can care for just as they will do the same for us. But the question is who is a friend?
                           By my own definition, I define a friend as someone who will always be with you in times of happiness and in times of sorrow. As a person who will love me for who I am and no matter what anyone says he wi…

Conscience πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ€—πŸ€—

Hi everyone how do you all do? Well must say that you are all okay because did learn something in class today that spoke of we thinking positively all the time for that also adds a touch of self confidence if you do think positively about yourself all the time. Have positive thoughts always. So well today I decided to write the little I know on conscience. Hope it is educative and nice. Thanks for reading.
                 First off, what is conscience? How many of us have bothered ourselves to ask what is conscience? None of us do ask that question. Why? Because we see it as irrelevant or we see it to be that it is something we all have up in our heads and we all basically know that it is the voice high up in our heads that tells us not to do something or we should do it, whether the action we are about to do is good or bad or before we do anything that voice rings way up in our heads.
                  Well, conscience exceeds from that it is not just a voice in our heads that …

Time ooh time pt.2

Hello everyone. I am back again to talk about the topic I spoke of the last time which was about time. Well I did say I will post yesterday but unfortunately time wasn't on my side lol. Well I am here now and ready to talk about time. The other time, I spoke about how we should respect time and value it and treasure because no one is immortal or can live forever. No one can although scientists try everyday to find ways to extend our life span, they come with drugs and ways to try and help prolong human life but no matter how hard they try, death shall surely be victorious in the end. In our different views of faith or religion, be it one be a Muslim or Christian or Jew or Buddhist or any other religion, we all are taught to respect time and we are shown the value of it and how we are to treasure it. We live in a world that everything is controlled by time. It is time that tells you to wake, it is time that tells you when to clean yourself up brush your tee…

Time ooh Time

Tick - Tock Tick- Tock Tick- Tock the hands of a clock spin and click and spin and click again and again in a never ending circle. Each click each tick reminding us constantly that our time here on earth is just temporary that our timer is going down by the second minute hour day. It tells us that hey there a second of your time has gone that your timer which have been set for you on the very day you started to develop and become flesh and blood in your mum's womb is going down not up but down. It asks us whether we are using the time properly and efficiently or whether we are wasting the time. As soon as a man and a woman whether they make an intention to get a baby or it happens just by chance or "by a mistake", and you are released into the womb of your mother and be successful, your timer which has already been pre-set for you will not start from 00:00:00 no it won't but instead it will start from what share, what percentage of time h…